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Cheese Selections

Single cheese 8.
Selection of three cheeses 22.
Selection of five cheeses 38.
Tasting of all cheeses 95.

Blue Cheeses

Bleu d'Auvergne, candied kumquats
(Auvergne, France) – Cow's milk, creamy, strong finish, moist texture

Grevenbroecker, Il Caratello aged balsamico
(Hamont-Achel, Belgium) – Cow's milk, creamy, grassy sweetness, earthy spice

Goat's Milk Cheeses

(Loire Valley, France) – Ash covered, smooth & dense, citrus undertones
Cabra al Romero, white anchovies

(Murcia, Spain) – Semi firm, rosemary coated, creamy, smooth, herbaceous
Vallée d'Aspe Chevre, rose petal jam

(Pyrénées, France) – Raw milk, sweet, fudgy, hints of olive & fig

Sheep's Milk Cheeses

Vermont Shepherd, marinated olives
(Putney, Vermont)- Semi-firm, sweet, rich & earthy with hints of clover & thyme

La Serena, membrillo
(Extremedura, Spain) – Raw milk, renneted with cardoons, herbaceous, creamy

Pecorino Pepato, roasted peppers
(Sicily, Italy) – Slightly firm, supple texture, studded with black peppercorns

Cow's Milk Cheeses

Dom Villas, fig cake
(Minho, Portugal) – Semi soft, washed in red pepper & olive oil, mild flavor

Pierre Robert, red grapes
(Seine-et-Marne, France)- Triple cream, bloomy rind, sweet, buttery, smooth

Époisses, sliced apples
(Côte-d'Or, France) – Pungent, washed rind, creamy, full flavored

Mixed Milk Cheeses

La Tur, medjool dates
(Piemonte, Italy) – Cow, goat & sheep's milk, creamy, earthy, rich mouth feel

Rosso Di Langa, marcona almonds
(Piemonte, Italy) –Cow & sheep's milk, creamy, washed rind, colored with annatto seed

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