Meet Absinthe's Chefs

Adam Keough, Executive Chef

Adam KeoughA Boston native, Adam Keough’s passion for the culinary arts was fueled at a young age by cooking with his grandparents at family holiday gatherings. He is influenced by the culinary simplicity of his Boston roots and plans to incorporate that basic approach to food, with techniques and philosophies learned through his years in fine dining, to the brasserie fare he will offer at Absinthe as Executive Chef. Read more

Bill Corbett, Executive Pastry Chef

Adam KeoughWith more than a decade of pastry experience at some of the most highly regarded restaurants, he has risen rapidly among the nation’s top pastry chefs. At Absinthe, Arlequin Café, and Comstock Saloon, Corbett is excited to bring technique and innovation to his desserts and pastries, while keeping them accessible and well-balanced. Read more

Char   Grilled country por   Shellfish stew  

Absinthe hamburger   Barrimundi   Panna cotta parfait  

Butternut squash cake   German chocolate cake   White-chocolate cremeaux  

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